About JJ

I once thought I wanted to be an actress. I quickly realized that I was more excited about getting ready for auditions than learning my lines. I made a leap and put aside what I had pursued my entire life. I went back to school, assisted with better more experienced artists, and offered to do makeup on anyone who let me come near them with my brush. I worked tirelessly to be the artist I am today. Now, nearly a decade later, I know for sure that weddings, like my journey to be an artist, are a labour of love. I love being able to take this piece of it and say, “Don’t worry, I got you, you can trust me with this”.

I built my company & my team, with the vision that you can combine a luxe level of service, and products with the down-to-earth warmth, and generosity that you would find in your local beauty salon.

My favourite quote is “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” -Oprah!
We have done the prep work, and are thrilled to be there for you, to make your day better.

No egos. Just beautiful work, kindness, & happy clients.


With Love & Glitter,


Jenna Johnston
Owner/Creative Director
Lucky Life Beauty