The Booking Process

First, The Email
Send  an email (or fill out our super simple contact form), with all the details for your big day. The more details the better! We love knowing your theme, colour scheme, & dress style, as well as your location & how many people we will be taking care of. This will give a sense of what you need and your personal style. It is so important to us to get every detail right!

When you are ready to book, we review the details, sign the service agreement & you can make your deposit to reserve your date.

A Word on Trials/Engagement Sessions
Trials for hair and/or makeup is highly recommended. It isn’t a requirement to book with LLB but having a chance to work together before the big day and allowing you to see your vision put into action is extremely helpful to relieve unnecessary stress on the wedding day. Engagement Sessions are also a fun way to work together before the wedding day. It is normally not recommended to do the trial on the same day as your engagement pics, as our trial sessions run long!

Follow Ups
Your pricing includes unlimited correspondence. Please email with any questions, concerns, photos, quotes, whatever you need! You will receive an email one month prior to confirm timeline & start times haven’t changed, one week prior (just to check in/pep talk) & of course, the day before the wedding to let you know, yes, we will definitely be there and we are so excited.

Wedding Day
Yay! it’s finally here!
Arrival will be 15min prior to official start time to allow setup. Then we get in the zone and work to turn you into the most beautiful bride. We will read your vibe in terms of how much talking you want. If you need zen silence, a comedy show, or just someone to hug – we are here for you. xo