Frequently Asked Question’s

Where are you located?

Lucky Life Beauty is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Do you travel outside Toronto/GTA?

Absolutely! GTA, Tri-Cities, Niagara Region & destination weddings too!
All travel fees are only to cover costs and are not inflated.

How far ahead do I need to book with LLB?

This truly depends on your date. Some may book up 18 months in advance, some 6 months, some right up until the last minute. Best advise? Never be afraid to ask!

How do I book with LLB?

Check out our step by step guide HERE

What is included in Makeup & Hair application?

You can expect a full consultation, luxe-prep of skin and/or hair, the desired application, time to review and make notes/changes, High Res photos of the completed work, & for bridal clients, there is always surprise gift!

Why book a hair & makeup artist for my wedding?

Planning for your wedding can feel overwhelming, especially when trying to selected the perfect vendors. If you’ve never considered having your hair & makeup done before, your wedding day is the ideal day to do it! Think of your beauty artist as a silent partner to your photographer. Your photos will be captured memories to last a lifetime. Hiring a professional will allow you to have piece of mind, knowing that you will look your best in each frame. Plus, how amazing will it feel to sit back and relax the morning of? With Lucky Life Beauty you will feel the difference in the products, the personalization & the genuine warmth and concern that you feel and look your most beautiful

Tell me more!

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